Quantum Results, Inc.

Alberto Lorenzo, Principal

Alberto Lorenzo graduated from Florida International University’s School of Business, with a degree in Marketing and Finance.  In 1971 he began his career in banking; finance and real estate were he achieved the position of Senior Executive Vice-President of several banks in Miami-Dade.

In 1987 he began his professional career in banking, finance and real estate, while combining his corporate and governmental experience in low income housing to develop many private sector opportunities in housing at the City of Miami.  In 1993, he joined the boutique consulting firm of  former Miami City Mayor David Kennedy and eventually partnered with him to form their first government/campaign consulting firm Florida Consulting, Inc., where he handled numerous political and governmental clientele in the development of governmental and campaign strategies, marketing plans and campaign organization and management of both individual and issues campaigns.  As a member of this firm Alberto developed his government consulting practice at both the City of Miami and Miami Dade County. 

In 2000, Alberto founded Quantum Results, Inc. a public relations, governmental and consulting firm.  As part of this practice he continued his work on both governmental and political matters throughout South Florida, but he he began to practice his governmental skills as part of an expansion to Tallahassee and Washington, DC.   While a part of Quantum Results, Inc., Alberto has continued his political campaign practice and has also expanded to include statewide campaigns and Federal campaigns with great success.

Alberto brings vast professional experience and relationships throughout Florida that allow him to effectively advocate for his clients, while also assisting young up and coming individuals seek elective office.   This combined with his knowledge in banking and real estate have given him the tools to effectively realize his many clients' aspirations in both government and politics.

Francois Illas, Principal

François Illas attended Boston University and graduated from Florida International University, Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science.  After his graduation he began his vocation in the area of politics as a student intern at the National Rifle Association in Washington, D.C., while he completed his Scholars Certification at the George Washington Graduate School of Campaign and Political Management in 1995.  During his time at George Washington University he expanded his understanding of the national political arena and state/municipal political and governmental systems.  During his academic work on his Master Degree at Florida International University, François became involved in the South Florida political and vast governmental community through his direct participation in numerous campaigns and initiatives.  

In 1997, he began his work in local government at Miami-Dade County Public School System as the Administrative Assistant to School Board Member and Chairperson Perla Tabares-Hantman one of the nine members of the School Board that governs the fourth largest public school system in the nation. Later in his career he joined the public relations and advertising firm of BVK McDonald with office in over 12 US cities and headquartered in Milwaukee. As their senior accountant executive for campaigns and government relations, François worked on such accounts as the 1998 Jeb Bush Campaign for Governor (Statewide Hispanic Media and Public Relations Campaign), the 1998 campaign to Re-elect Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart, the 1998 Referendum on Statehood for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and a host of other international, Federal, state, county and municipal elections.  

In 2000, Francois left BVK McDonald to serve as the Campaign Manager for the Re-election Campaign of Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas.  He then joined the Office of Mayor Alex Penelas at Miami Dade County as his External Affairs and Political Director.  Francois was charged with the Mayor’s municipal relations efforts, commission liaison, special projects development and was a senior political advisor to the Mayor on such matters as the statewide Pre-Kindergarten Initiative and the 2000 Miami Dade County Commission Redistricting effort.  Upon the election of City of Miami Mayor Manuel A. Diaz on November of 2001, he was named Chief of Staff where he served until 2004.  In 2005 he left the office of  Mayor Manuel A. Diaz to run his 2005 Re-election Campaign. 

Since that time he has joined the firm of Quantum Results, Inc., and has focused his work there on numerous political projects.  Francois has directly coordinated media development, media placement, fundraising, research and direct mail for both individual and issues campaigns in South Florida.  He was also the campaign coordinator for Miami-Dade County’s General Bond Obligation campaign in 2004, which passed 8 separate questions successfully and permitted Miami Dade County $2.9 billion in bonding capacity for the next 30 years for new capitol projects throughout the community.

Francois has also maintained a governmental practice that has specifically focused on regional and local legislative matters, land use and permits processing for numerous clients.   He also a development consultant for Johnson and Wales University in South Florida.

During 2008, he has brought back by Mayor Manuel Diaz as part his team to consultant and advise during his tenure as 66th President of the US Conference of Mayors.   

François prides himself in his overall understanding of the various facets involved in realizing government projects and managing successful campaigns.  Although , his primary areas of expertise primarily include media development, public relations, grassroots development, opposition research, fundraising and information/data management, he believes that with the right team and information success can always be accomplished on any governmental and/or political endeavor.

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